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At the Capital Wheelchair Curling Club, our members are dedicated to providing support with skill and sport development for community members with a disability. The formation of enduring friendships and the promotion of more active lifestyle options are common side effects experienced by members.

Our commitments

The Capital Wheelchair Curling Club is committed to:

developing a not-for-profit, community based, recreational wheelchair curling program with emphasis on maximizing participation and enjoyment.

encouraging, by example, the integration of wheelchair curling programs throughout the Capital Region by promoting elimination of participation barriers.

promoting the development of a competitive wheelchair curling program consistent with Para-Olympic curling requirements.

ensuring that the program operates within the established framework of Curling Canada and its member organizations wherever applicable.

providing through the activities of this program, a practical means of skill development, the formation of enduring friendships  and the promotion of more active lifestyles options for persons with disabilities using wheelchairs in the Capital Region.


We encourage all non-competitive players to come out and give it a try.


CWCC has spawned several competitive Ottawa teams to date.

In 2010, Team Bruce Cameron won the provincial title in Collingwood, Ontario and continued on to represent the province in the Wheelchair Curling National Championship in Kelowna, British Columbia.

In 2016, Team Colinda Joseph won the provincial title in Gananoque, Ontario and continued on to represent the province in the Wheelchair Curling National Championship in Regina, Saskatchewan.

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3 thoughts on “About Us

  • wheelerjoy

    I would agree with the above statements, I have formed friendships and confindence by joing the CWCC I can only say come out and try it for yourself to see if it is something you would like to add to your life….

  • Michelle

    Hi, my husband is newly in a powered wheelchair and our activities have dwindled. While watching curling in the Olympics we were talking about how much fun I had curling and how it wasn’t expensive etc. then I said “hey I wonder if there is wheelchair curling?” And sure enough there is

    So we are contacting you for further info and whether power chair users can play as well?

    I’d love to chat – please let me know


  • Julie Cooke

    I am interested in trying wheelchair curling. I can walk, but not well and need the chair for balance and outside the house. I have a heavy, hospital style chair. Would that be ok? I need a new one, what would be good?