Wheelchair curling to be featured on CTV

UPDATE: Colinda has provided us with a direct link to the curling segment.  You need to select the curling segment in the list of videos.


CTV filmed a series of segments on the paralympic sports.  The segment on wheelchair curling at the RCMP Curling Club using our very own Collinda Joseph and Doug Morris. These segment are scheduled to air between 07:30 and 08:20 one each day of the week.

The schedule of times for the Paralympics spots on CTV are below. The wheelchair curling segment is scheulded for Thursday.

Monday march 10th……downhill skiing (Jeff host)
Tuesday march 11th—biathlon (Jeff host)
Wednesday march 12th—para snowboarding (Melissa host)
Thursday March 13th—wheelchair curling (Jeff host)
Friday march 14th—-sledge hockey (Melissa host)

Ontario Winter Games report

At the Ontario Winter Games held recently in Orillia, the Ottawa Capital Wheelchair group curling out of the RA was well represented.

Jamie Eddy spared for skip Chris Rees out of Peterborough Curling Club who won Gold.

Jodi Hoar spared for skip Rick Prud’homme out of the Sudbury Curling Club.

Katie Paialunga and Johanna Bos spared for skip Shauna Petrie out of the Toronto Cricket Skating & Curling Club

Doug Morris and Collinda Joseph play for skip Ken Gregory out of the Branford Curling Club.

Winning Teams
(From left to right)


Peterborough Curling Club – Gold
Chris Rees – skip
Carl Bax – 3rd
Jamie Eddy – 2nd
Martha Gustafson – lead


Fort William Curling Club – Silver
Gino Sonego – Skip
Doug Dean – 3rd
Chris Provenzano – 2nd
Lola Jane Graham – lead
Doug Gemlich – coach
Mike Bergquist – coach


Kenora Curling Club – Bronze
Wayne Ficek – Skip
Denise Miault – 3rd
Chester Draper – 2nd
Sara Lashbrook – lead
Haley Smith – coach

Ontario Wheelchair Curling Provincial Championship results

The RA curling Club was well represented at this years Travelers Wheelchair Curling Provincial Championship held in Ilderton, Ontario.IMG_9226

The winning team consisted of skip Mike Munro, third Katie Paialunga, second Mark Ideson, and lead Christine Lavallee.

They beat out last years Provincial team consisting of Ken Gregory Collinda Joseph, Jon Thurston, and Doug Morris.

Jamie Eddy’s team consisting of Jamie Eddy, Andre Beaudin, Jodi Hoar and Ross Nicholson lost to Toronto in the Page 3 4 game.